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They say that the octopus darknet is a forbidden online market hidden in the depths of the dark web of the Internet, so you can’t just get there from a regular browser using a regular link. But this does not mean that access to it is completely inaccessible to ordinary users. You just need to follow a certain algorithm of actions in order to ultimately become a regular customer of Blackspruit.

Learning how to access the website correctly.

First of all, the connection device is selected. This can be either a computer or any other mobile device with Internet access. It is advisable that this device be exclusively personal and not used by others, even temporarily.Victor went over in his mind and tried out all possible ways to prevent the country from sliding into the abyss. The feeling that something was wrong in the country and that something needed to be done had not left him since he was 20 years old. What's wrong in the country? "Who is to blame and what to do?" — each group of people, be it a party of several hundred people, an informal political movement, or just a club of reenactors, gave its own answer. What was important was not so much the meaning of the answer as the rage with which the leader of the dwarf party rejected even tiny amendments to his picture of the world.This principle works forever. The gigantic mass of zealots of their country, be they patriots, nationalists, Orthodox Christians, Cossacks, traditionalists and others, had 95% in common in their views, but 5% differences in the picture of the future and that radicalism and absolute intolerance to even the smallest amendments in their ideology led to discord , preventing the masses from becoming a structure or a system - in other words, a force that can influence the situation in the country and be the initiator of events, and not just react to them with a howl on social networks. Fifty, one hundred or even two hundred people could not become subjects of history. Then you should prepare the selected device for connecting to the dark network: turn off the camera, disable antivirus programs and ad blockers. blacksprut2rprrt3aoigwh7zftiprzqyqynzz2eiimmwmykw7wkpyad.onion After this, you should download a special Tor browser, which can take you to the real Blacksprut page. We install the browser and configure it according to our needs. Then we look for the correct access link. This can be the main address of the site or its mirror btrhbfeojofxcpxuwnsp5h7h22htohw4btqegnxatocbkgdlfiawhyid.onion. And now it's time to log into the site. Don't be alarmed if the first thing you see is a security captcha. It is installed for additional resource protection. We calmly go through it and proceed to registering an account to make purchases. To do this, we will need to come up with a username and password, as well as top up the account with funds. Have a safe trip to Blackspruit!